The current real estate market report 2023 is online

Rheine. 270 million euros in sales on the 2022 real estate market in the city of Rheine – that’s an increase of around 22% on the previous year, with 15% fewer contracts. Whether developed or undeveloped, real estate is still in demand in Rheine. The high price level of the previous two years continued in the first half of 2022. In the second half of the year, the market increasingly calmed down.

Contracts relating to the trading of real estate must be made available to the appraisal committee for evaluation. In fiscal year 2022, this amounted to 702 contracts that were recorded and evaluated at the office of the appraisal committee. Data from actual sales contracts form the basis for determining the land market data. The standard land values were discussed and decided by the expert committee in the city of Rheine in its meeting on 09.02.2023 for the reference date 01.01.2023.

The own real estate remains in strong demand. Building plots in Rheine become on the average approx. 8.8% more expensive – a building plot costs on the average 182,000 €.

Prices for used residential property are also on the rise. Compared with Jan. 1, 2022, prices for detached and semi-detached houses will rise by 10.0%, for semi-detached and terraced houses by 11.3% and condominiums will become 6.1% more expensive. The average prices for a single-family house were around €370,0000, for a semi-detached house around €260,000 and for a condominium around €170,000.

The price increase for agricultural land in 2022 is 9.5%. The standard land value for farmland in Rheine is now 11.50 €/m².

These and other evaluations are presented and explained in the property market report Rheine. Under “Grundstücksmarktberichte” “Rheine” this is available free of charge to the Download.

What is my land, what is my real estate worth?

The current standard land values and standard real estate values can be viewed at or requested from the office of the expert committee at 05971/939-410. For detached and semi-detached houses, duplexes and condominiums, the approximate price level can be determined free of charge at using the real estate price calculator.