Bundeswehr supports Rheiner Tafel

Die Soldaten gemeinsam mit Ehrenamtlichen und Caritas-Vorstand Dieter Fühner (Bildmitte) bei der Lebensmittelausgabe.

Panzergrenadier Battalion 212 Augustdorf packs food bags

Rheine.cpr. From May 23 to 25 inclusive, about 20 soldiers of the Panzergrenadier Battalion 212 Augustdorf actively supported the Rheiner Tafel. The request for support came through the Landesverband Tafel NRW, which has mobilized several groups for various food banks in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Rheiner Tafel, which can be found in the social department store “Brauchbar & Co.” and is operated by Caritas Rheine, now also benefited from this.

The soldiers were deployed in various areas of the Rheiner Tafel. Part of the group helped pre-sort food and assisted in handing it out to people in need. The other soldiers pitched in with cleanup work in the furniture warehouse and took on other tasks in the social department store. In addition, they participated in setting up cabinets and kitchens for the furniture service. Especially the more physically demanding work was a great help to the volunteers.

With their commitment and dedication, the soldiers not only contributed to the Tafel being able to organize its work more efficiently, but at the same time took away insights into a field of work that was rather unfamiliar to them. Panzergrenadier Battalion 212 Augustdorf is part of the “Clear Attitude – Strong Convictions” program, which was launched to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of personality development for soldiers. The program offers the opportunity to promote their personality development through practical experience in the community and social commitment.