New calendar of events

Ganz schön salzig. Foto: Karin Brockmann

Participation programs in the Falkenhof and in the useum Kloster Bentlage for all generations.

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition “Salt. Stories of the white gold from Rheine” in the Falkenhof Museum, the municipal museums Rheine have published a new calendar of events, which is valid until the end of the year. As proven, the program is aimed at all generations and offers hands-on programs and guided tours in the Museum Kloster Bentlage, the Salt Boiling House and the Falkenhof.

For families, the family afternoons around the theme of salt are a special tip, especially since these events can be offered free of charge every month: In the Falkenhof Museum, children and their companions can try painting with salt and watercolors on October 29; on November 26, special crystalline and creative objects will be designed with salt; and on December 17, a storyteller will take visitors young and old into the magical world of salt tales. At the same time, on this day in the museum studio, visitors will be able to create original homemade books and give them a suitable shape as zigzag leporellos or with a stitching.

On the second Sunday of Advent, December 10, a visit to the salt workshop is especially worthwhile for families, because the little salt baskets and patterned salt bags they have woven themselves for their own evaporated salt are perfect to give as small gifts to loved ones.

Exciting background information on the salt exhibitions is also available during the public guided tours, a historical lecture on hard coal as a fuel, and at the “Spot on!” event on October 21, when freshly restored maps and plans from around 1800 will be presented in the Falkenhof Museum.

And also in the museum monastery Bentlage one can deepen again with led routes the own knowledge and enjoy the museum attendance in the “Westphalian gallery” as well as the collection to the monastery history so still more (08.10., 05.11., 03.12.23). Especially for schools in Rheine and the surrounding area, there is a special museum educational program designed for three age groups this quarter, so that the Falkenhof Museum also invites school classes to visit the salt exhibition. Detailed information on the offers is available in the calendar of events at; the printed calendar is available, among other places, at the municipal museums, at the town hall information desk and at the office of the RTV. Information: 05971 – 939 711.