Municipality of Leiria launches campaign to reforest areas affected by the fires

The municipality of Leiria, in collaboration with the parish councils of Arrabal and Caranguejeira, is launching a campaign to reforest the areas affected by the fires that occurred this week.

The campaign – Reforest Leiria – aims to help plant trees in the 440 hectares of forest destroyed by the fires, which are estimated to have released around 3,200 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

“Rather than taking stock of or lamenting the losses caused by the fires, it’s important to look ahead now and start working on recovering the affected areas,” argues the mayor of Leiria, Gonçalo Lopes, adding that both the municipality and the local councils are very committed to this campaign, in which it will first be necessary to identify the owners of the affected land in order to define the ways in which they can be supported.

In the next few days, the terms under which the campaign will be carried out will be established, in particular the definition of the species that can be covered.

Property owners affected by the fires who are interested in taking part in this campaign can contact the municipality via e-mail at .

Information will be released in due course about the reforestation actions and the ways in which it will be possible to take part.