The weir will not be dragged!

A few years ago, there was a rumor that, according to the new European Water Directive, the weir in Rheine was going to be razed to the ground. The background to this was that it was to be made possible for fish and other animal life to migrate up the Ems.

At an information meeting on Tuesday in the town hall, however, it became clear that the weir would not be removed after all. This variant would have the consequence that the water level in the city center would sink around two meters, the upper course of the Ems starting from Rheine would sink likewise, so that also the groundwater would sink. The tributaries of the Ems and the Ems meadows would also dry up.

According to the latest plans, nothing changes south of the weir. The weir will remain in its full height, but behind the weir the water will no longer fall into the limestone depression, thus forming a small waterfall. A kind of ramp equipped with boulders allows the water to flow over about 200 meters to the current level in the Bentlage area.

Water will continue to flow in the Salinenkanal, the sluice will remain in operation. So the only thing that changes is the view from below the weir. In my opinion, this can definitely become an enrichment, especially since bathing possibilities may also be created here.

The documentation can be viewed here: