Social day for the city’s trainees Rheine

Rheine. Since 2008, it has been a tradition at the city of Rheine for the trainees at Rheine to leave their everyday work at the town hall, think outside the box and get involved in social projects. In recent years, this has included spring cleaning at the animal shelter, creating a sensory trail at the kindergarten and a clean-up campaign at the forest hill. A boat trip with children and young people from the Caritas children’s home also took place and a therapy room at the Kinderschutzbund was renovated. This tradition was interrupted by Corona, and this year the trainees’ social day could finally be held again. This year, the focus was on meeting senior citizens at the senior citizens’ center on Kardinal-Galen-Ring, where one senior citizen said: “finally some young people in the house”. Afterwards, the group went to the town church of St. Dionysius. Pastor Lemanski, the sexton Mrs. Löcke-Brüning and Mr. Petermann were already waiting for the group there. Mr. Lemanski and Mrs. Löcke-Brüning guided the group through the church. They were accompanied musically by Mr. Petermann on the organ. The senior citizens and the trainees from the city of Rheine agreed: “It was a successful excursion, and even the weather played along.”