Move people safely

Actions on April 21, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Bornesquare Rheine

Rheine. Already in 2016 and 2019, the Senior Citizens’ Advisory Council of the city Rheine advocated for the implementation of bicycle safety days. After the Corona pandemic, he therefore suggested repeating this action. Under the motto “Keeping people moving safely”, it therefore organized an action day at Bornesquare in cooperation with Andrea Gedicke, coordinator of senior citizen work at the city Rheine and Michael Wolters from the city’s mobility management.

On Friday April 21, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., all citizens are now invited to drop by and join in. The focus of the day is to increase the safety and mobility of seniors in traffic and in their daily lives. The day of action is supported by funds from the state of NRW to promote local mobility.

Particularly older people who feel insecure about their mobility are to be made aware of necessary safety aspects and their fears removed by means of appropriate offers of help. After all, fear and insecurity in particular often lead to social withdrawal and thus promote loneliness. But which preventive offers are important so that older people can move safely in road traffic and in everyday life? The topics of the day of action are therefore multi-layered. With a wide range of regional partners, who not only provide advice but also offer all kinds of active and participatory activities, it was possible to put together an interesting mix of events. On the one hand, a broad public is to be made aware of the special mobility needs of older people, and on the other hand, families and younger road users are to receive practical and helpful tips.

For example, the police of the Steinfurt district will provide a pedelec simulator and educate on the subject of safety in road traffic. For this purpose, among other things, appropriate luminous bracelets will be distributed. In addition, there will be an opportunity to run through various everyday situations with rollators on a course that simulates, for example, curbs or getting on and off buses. The consumer advice center Rheine will also provide information on the dangers of the Internet, where safety is also an important issue.

Safety on the roads and on school and bike paths is a key issue in mobility and traffic planning at Rheine. In recent years, road planners have increasingly focused on numerous measures to improve the cycling infrastructure. From the establishment of bicycle lanes, to the concept of nationwide introduction of 30 km/h speed limits and structural changes, to the marking of bicycle paths, the focus of traffic and mobility planning has shifted from car-centered road planning to sustainable, ecologically compatible mobility. Also a reduction of bollards, an innovative lighting of scare areas and the execution of regular foot traffic checks and the, particularly for seniors and people with walking disabilities advantageous barrier-free redesign of the market place or the bus platforms have ensured that Rheine becomes a city with high quality of life and movement for all groups of people.

The program points of the action day incl. the participatory actions (also for the children) are:

  • Ergometer competition
  • Presentation of senior citizen work in Rheine
  • Accessibility in Rheine
  • Test stations scooter, rollator, drive aids for wheelchairs
  • Consultation police / safety in road traffic / traffic patrol
  • E-bikes cargo bikes
  • Consulting stair lift systems
  • E-mobility for wheelchair users
  • Scooter driving license and rollator course
  • Consulting leg health
  • Advice on Parkinson’s disease
  • Advice on the subject of stroke, including risk stroke analysis
  • Advice on senior nutrition
  • Advice on safety at home/keyword FakeShops
  • Kids Memory
  • Raffle with prizes worth over 3000€
  • Lucky code raffle