Peace Hall, Cathedral and Christmas Market

Im Friedenssaal der Stadt Münster tagten im November die G7-Außenminister. Jetzt war die Gäste aus Leiria zu Besuch.

Exchange students from the twin city Leiria in the provincial capital Münster

Where the foreign ministers met in November at the G7 summit, the students from Leiria were now also amazed on Friday by the Peace Hall in the old town hall of the city of Münster. The Peace Hall in the Gothic Town Hall owes its name to the conclusion of the Spanish-Dutch Peace, which was solemnly declared here on May 15, 1648. Originally, the hall served as the Council Chamber, whose magnificent wooden Renaissance paneling dates from around 1577. The portrait gallery with the portraits of envoys was purchased by the Council in 1649. The furnishings of the Peace Hall, which were removed during World War II, were faithfully reconstructed. In April 2015, the European Commission awarded the City Halls of Münster and Osnabrück the European Heritage Label as Sites of the Peace of Westphalia.

“Münster as a major center of European importance” was the motto of the excursion of the exchange students from Rheines twin city. They explored the city center and visited Münster Cathedral as well as other examples of European architecture.

Finally, of course, they went to the Christmas market in the city center.