Painting against the bad trauma

Help that gets there

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, the town twinning association Rheine and the Caritas Children’s and Youth Home have been jointly appealing for donations for the suffering population in Ukraine.

Especially at the beginning of the war, the response was overwhelming. Generators to generate electricity were financed, and aid transports loaded with medicines, bandages and food were sent to the crisis area.

With the reception of Ukrainian refugees at the Caritas Children’s and Youth Home, there was also the opportunity to make direct contact with private initiatives and organizations working on the ground.

In the course of the war, networks for humanitarian support had formed in Ukraine, which are in close exchange with each other thanks to digital technology.

One initiative, for example, takes care of elderly people in the Kharkiv region who are cut off from the food supply.

Packages with non-perishable foodstuffs are packed and delivered by adventurous means.

Although the infrastructure for electricity, water and heat is repeatedly attacked by the Russian occupiers, parts of the food production are still intact, so that the population itself can be supplied with the necessary foreign currency.

But also the youngest are taken care of, who are completely overwhelmed with the processing of war experiences. Art and music therapies, carried out by Ukrainian specialists, are the first steps towards alleviating traumatic experiences. The necessary utensils could also be purchased through donations.

To ensure that the donations reach the initiatives, only small amounts are transferred. The receipt of the money is confirmed immediately, as well as the use of the amount is documented by photos and short explanations.

The need in Ukraine is still great and is likely to increase due to the armed conflicts.

It is therefore all the more important that humanitarian support for Ukraine does not stop.