New educational partnership between daycare centers and city library

Schon Kindergartenkinder an Bücher heranzuführen – das ist eines der Ziele der neuen Bildungspartnerschaft.

Rheine. The promotion of listening and language education as well as the joy of reading aloud and storytelling are some of the goals that are to be promoted by a cooperation of the two daycare centers Kinderland Isselstraße and Kinderland Nienbergstraße in Rheine with the municipal library.

Last Thursday, Rheine’s responsible department head Raimund Gausmann, together with Anika Hopley, facility manager of Kinderland Isselstraße, Frederik Feyer, facility manager of Kinderland Nienbergstraße, and the provisional director of the municipal library, Kirsten Deters, presented the nature and scope of the new educational partnership.

As part of the new collaboration, the educators and children will receive free library cards. The children will regularly visit the public library with their caregivers and will be able to use picture books and other media on their own. In addition, the library will put together individual media packages for the daycare centers. Reading sessions and children’s theater are also planned. In addition, the specialist staff in the daycare centers have access to current and varied specialist literature.

The current International Primary School Reading Survey, or Igloo Study for short, shows just how important reading promotion is. According to this study, the reading skills of fourth graders, among others, have deteriorated in recent years. “We can’t start early enough to introduce children to books. Reading aloud promotes different skills, quenches the thirst for knowledge and also promotes emotional and social skills. That’s why I’m particularly pleased that we’re focusing on kindergarten children with this partnership,” says Raimund Gausmann, finding the right words.

“It was a great kick-off today. The children had a great tour of our library and were eager to get started. We would of course be delighted if even more of the 48 daycare centers from Rheine would like to enter into an educational partnership with us,” says Kirsten Deters, pleased with the successful kick-off on Thursday.