Marja Zandjans List leader GrLi/PvdA

At the general meeting of the joint list of GroenLinks and PvdA, Marja Zandjans was unanimously elected list leader. Since the departure of Bram Donkers, Marja Zandjans has been a member of the city council. She is appreciated by the members for her decisive action and is factual and correct. Zandjans has been a (municipal) process manager in the social sector for years and is involved in the Borne-Rheine partner committee and the sponsoring committee of WSTwente She focuses especially on the social aspects, Marja is a speaker and ritual advisor at funerals and is co-founder and chair of the Connected in Light event

Jan de Vries, the current group chair, is second on the list: “Without Jan’s support I wouldn’t have started,” says Marja Zandjans, “but together with him and the whole group we are pulling it off.

The list combination now has two council seats. Third on the list is Rosa Amptmeijer, who is still young, and interaction technology student Martin Tikken is in fourth place.

The complete list:

1. Marja Zandjans (PvdA)
2. Jan de Vries (PvdA und GroenLinks)
3. Rosa Amptmeijer (GroenLinks)
4. Martin Tikken (GroenLinks)
5. Ellen Boersma (GroenLinks und PvdA)
6. Jos van den Oever (GroenLinks)
7. Jaap Engelsman (PvdA)
8. Wim Menheere (GroenLinks)
9. Han ten Bloemendal (GroenLinks)
10. Roel Martens (GroenLinks)
11. Dick Slettenhaar (PvdA)


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