Move more freely in Trakai – European Mobility Week events

Move more freely in Trakai: welcome to European Mobility Week events!

Trakai The European Mobility Week, a sustainable mobility campaign initiated by the Ministry of the Environment, invites you to move more freely in Trakai from 18-22 September.


✔ 18-20 September. Trakai Public Health Office will invite you to the Trakai Culture and Art Centre (Vytauto str. 69) for a full-body exercise at 12.00.

✔ 22 September, 17.00 – Nordic walking with Nordic poles. Start at the Trakai Culture and Art Centre (Vytauto street 69).

✔ On 22 September at 17.15, participants will enjoy music by the students of the art school located on Karaim Street, now pedestrianised.

** When going to Trakai, please choose an alternative means of transport – train, bike, bus, scooter – instead of a car, or continue your journey on foot.

Don’t forget to visit the cultural attractions:✔ the renewed exposition of the S. Shapshal Karaite Folk Museum (22 Karaim Street). It will be open to visitors five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday (except public holidays). Until 30 September, the exhibition will be free of charge.

✔ Visit the Vytautas the Great waterfront (Karaimų str. 57A), where you can enjoy views of Trakai Island Castle and the lakes.

❗ IMPORTANT. Exercise will take place indoors next to the Trakai Culture and Art Centre (Vytauto str. 69) in case of inclement weather. Pre-registration is required at