Europe evening with songs and poetry

Hera, Gattin und Schwester des Zeus, bei ihrem kritischen Blick vom Olymp auf Europa

You should not miss this evening! Because there won’t be a dry eye in the house when cabaret artist Ingrid Helmer, as the Greek goddess Hera, looks down on Europe from Olympus. Her critical view of “those in power down there” exposes many a weak point of today’s continent. In addition, she takes us on a journey through time, through seven decades, and with her musical group “Kapon” she always knows how to get people thinking and singing along. Who does not know them, the melodies of the “Natives of Trizonesia” and the “Capri Fishermen”, which just like the memories of “Schön, so schön war die Zeit” (Beautiful, so beautiful was the time ) reflect the attitude to life of the people in the post-war period. The evening becomes more serious with the well-known peace songs of the 80s or with the lyrics of Wolfgang Borchert and Hans-Dieter Hüsch . Look forward to a cheerful, thoughtful and challenging evening at the same time.

Who would like to participate in the Europe evening with songs and lyrics on Saturday, 24.09.2022, 19 o’clock, in the Kopernikus high school Rheine, which has still opportunity to register by mail under or under the telephone number 02551 692161. – Or still more simply: Click on “answers” and announce number of persons! By the way, the entrance is free, but at the end will be collected for the Ukraine Aid in the Steinfurt district.