Chocolate ticket starts

RheineAt the beginning of July, the schools in Rheine were already informed that the city of Rheine was introducing a so-called Schokoticket. With this, the discounted Deutschland-Ticket can be ordered with immediate effect at the current price of 29 euros.

Conditions for the acquisition of such a reduced ticket are that the pupils are registered in a school, which is in sponsorship of the city Rheine. In addition, the students must have their main residence in NRW. Students who attend the evening school Rheine can also get a chocolate ticket if they are full-time students, i.e. attend the school in the morning classes, have their main residence in Rheine and are not older than 18 years.

There are several options for ordering the ticket: Either the ticket can be purchased through Regionalverkehr Münsterland GmbH (RVM)( The important thing here is that the aforementioned school certificate is printed out, signed by the school and uploaded again. The order can then be placed. For orders for the month of October, it is necessary that the start date of 01.10.23 is noted on the certificate. If a delivery is not desired by mail, but by e-mail, this must also be noted on the certificate.

Orders can also be placed via the company Veelker GmbH & Co.KG. To do this, students must have the school or school administration provide them with an order form, which is then filled out and sent to the Veelker transportation company with the school’s signature. The tickets will then be sent to the email address provided on the form.

If another subscription already exists (e.g. “Die Blaue”), which was concluded via the above-mentioned transport companies and it is no longer possible to cancel the subscription in due time, the students are requested to contact the respective transport company. The transportation companies will attempt to honor all orders with a start date of October, and the processing time for tickets is expected to take one week from the time the order is placed. For orders with a start date from November onwards, the deadlines set by the transport companies must be adhered to.