Award for the best at the STADTRADELN 2022 in Rheine

Eine Gruppenaufnahme der gesamten Sieger

Rheine. In the course of an award ceremony yesterday evening in the town hall, the most successful teams and individual winners of this year’s STADTRADELN 2022 were honored.

“You can be very proud of this special achievement,” also emphasized Rheines responsible department head Milena Schauer when looking at the many kilometers driven by the individual cyclists as well as the teams.

The first three places in the category bicycle most active teams relatively went to “Tekangblo” with 917 driven kilometers per team member, the “Rheiner Asphaltbügler” with 817 km per head and on place 3. “The Rüstigen Rheiner cyclists” with 786 driven kilometers per team member.

The Open Team Rheine made the most kilometers per team with 25,771 kilometers, followed by the Senior Citizens Advisory Council Rheine with 23,428 kilometers and the Municipality Rheine with 22,393 in 3rd place. Among the schools, Marienschule Hauenhorst, Nelson-Mandela and Paul-Gerhard-Schule secured the first three places.

Milena Schauer (right) with the five “thousands” of the senior citizens’ advisory council who each cycled over 1,000 kilometers.

The best individual performance was achieved by Manfred Neumann from Team Tegangblo with an incredible 3,010 kilometers, Willi Weßels from the Rüstige Rheiner Radlern with 2,564 kilometers and Eddy van Eeden, also from Tegangblo, with 2,203 kilometers.

As Milena Schauer emphasized, despite all the ambition in the competition, it is also true that “cycling means more. More climate protection, more quality of life, more health – and ultimately more fun mobility every day.” Michael Wolters and Engelbert Nagelschmidt from the Orga team are also pleased with the great performance of the cyclists. “For many decades, the car was the determining factor in mobility. This must change in order to reduce traffic-related environmental damage.” Michael Wolters elaborates. The STADTRADELN campaign succeeds in making the topic of cycling more present in the public, because as the honorary cycling officer Nagelschmidt further emphasized: “The traffic turnaround begins in the mind”.