Everything Blooms! Participation program

Spring is just around the corner! Not only in the park in Bentlage sprout colorful early bloomers and set small bright accents on meadows and in the undergrowth. On Sunday, March 19, friends of art and nature are invited to follow the fascination of the blossoming of nature in spring at the Museum Kloster Bentlage. Because also in the objects presented in the museum, a rich variety of flowering plants can be discovered. Already the unique reliquary gardens impress with an opulence of blossoms and a filigree flower splendor.

At 3 p.m., a guided tour will start, which will build a bridge from the Relic Gardens to the paintings of the Westphalian Gallery, in which the depiction of nature and the experience of nature culminate in different representations.

Under the motto ” Everything is blooming!”, the youngest museum visitors are invited to imaginatively create their own blossoms and flowers, whether with a paintbrush or with wire. From 3 to 5 p.m., materials such as wire and fabric as well as delicate watercolor paints and watercolor paper await children to create their own spring motifs.

The hands-on program for children and the guided tour are free of charge.

Information: Municipal Museums Rheine Tel. 05971 – 939 711