Women’s rights are human rights

International Day against Violence against Women

Rheine. The “International Day against Violence against Women” takes place on Friday, November 25.

Every year, this day reminds us that women’s rights are not a matter of course worldwide and that women are often exposed to violence. Yet it is clear that women’s rights are human rights – everywhere in the world!

What seems so self-evident is unfortunately still a major issue: currently, women in Iran in particular are fighting for their rights and have to fear for their lives.

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the city of Rheine, Gaby Beckmann, draws attention to the fact that violence against women also happens every day in Germany. Violence has many faces: physical violence, stalking, mobbing, digital or sexualized violence are some of the forms of violence against women. Statistically, every third woman in our country is a victim of sexual and/or physical violence.

Rheine is unfortunately no exception!

Gaby Beckmann, in cooperation with the police Rheine and the staff of the women’s counseling center and the women’s shelter of Diakonie WesT e. V., has compiled the following figures, which prove this sad fact:

  • The women’s shelter Rheine has offered refuge to a total of 75 women and children in 2021. This year, too, many women and their children have already been offered protection and help.
  • In 2021, 13 offenses against sexual self-determination (i.e. rape or sexual assault) were recorded at the police in Rheine; in 2022 alone (up to the cut-off date of 30.09.2022), 24 offenses were already recorded.
  • In addition, 287 cases of domestic violence against women were recorded in 2021 in the so-called watch area Rheine (which, in addition to the city of Rheine, also includes the municipalities of Neuenkirchen and Hörstel); for the year 2022, 128 reports were recorded by 30.09.2022.
  • In 2021, the Women’s Counseling Center provided counseling and support to 510 women affected by violence – of whom 144 came from Rheine.

The number of unreported cases is much higher, but even these figures clearly show that women are also affected by violence in Rheine.

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the city of Rheine would therefore like to call on people to look and support.

In Rheine, the women’s shelter offers refuge and protection to women and their children who are affected by domestic violence – regardless of their origin, education or religion. The staff of the women’s shelter can be reached around the clock at 05971 12793.

Furthermore, there are extensive counseling services offered by the local women’s counseling center: the specialized counseling on domestic violence (phone 05971 800 73 70) as well as the specialized counseling against sexualized violence (phone 05971 800 92 92).

The nationwide help hotline also offers round-the-clock assistance in 18 different languages at 0800 116 016. Women affected, people from the social environment of those affected, and professionals can call this number for advice on all forms of violence against women.