“We strongly condemn all forms of terrorism and violence”

Statement by the Integration Council Rheine on the situation in the Middle East

The following statement has just been posted on the Facebook page of the Integration Council of the city of Rheine:

The situation in the Middle East and the reactions to it in Germany and around the world do not leave us all untouched. We are deeply shocked that so many innocent people have lost their lives in this devastating outbreak of violence. The Integration Council strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and violence. The attacks in Israel and the bombing of the civilian population in Palestine are deeply regrettable and cause us great sympathy for the innocent victims and their families.

The Integration Council strongly condemns all forms of anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim racism and misanthropy. The Integration Council also distances itself from any form of anti-Semitic incitement and is committed to respectful coexistence.

The Middle East conflict is an extremely complex issue that has divided the international community for 75 years. Every time it escalates, as is currently the case, there are controversial debates, protests and demonstrations worldwide, including here in Europe and Germany. We remain committed to the peaceful coexistence of cultures and non-violent coexistence.

We have a responsibility to uphold the principles of humanity, respect and peaceful coexistence for all citizens at Rheine. We will always work to ensure that all people are respected and treated fairly, regardless of their origin, religion or political beliefs.

As bridge builders and committed actors for integration and peace in Rheine, we see it as our core task to calm tempers in such difficult times and to help create a harmonious and peaceful framework.