Trakai – City of Christmas Stars: join the initiatives!

This year, the Christmas period will see a lot of events and action in the city, especially on the pedestrian-friendly Karaimas Street: an ice-skating rink will be open all winter long on the observation deck in front of Trakai Island Castle, the Trakai Art School will host the “Christmas Factory” workshop, and a fair will be buzzing in Karaimas Street.

The townspeople, especially the little ones, will be delighted by the wandering Santa’s post office, which invites them to a different area of the town every weekend. And the Trakai Culture and Art Centre will be sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit with its events!

Cooperation and everyone’s contribution is very important to us. If you have ideas and would like to contribute with suggestions or activities to create the Christmas spirit in the city, be sure to get in touch by November and let’s make Trakai a city of Christmas stars together!