“This is going to be a real gem!”

Rheines new Head of Cultural Affairs Jan-Christoph Tonigs was enthusiastic about the Münstermauer 27 house

Rheine. “I am very excited about how it will be used. It’s going to be a real gem here!” Rheines new Head of Cultural Affairs, Jan-Christoph Tonigs, was enthusiastic about the Münstermauer 27 building and the many stories surrounding it. During a visit, Dr. Peter Rohlmann, Chairman of the Historic Old Town Association Rheine (HAR), and architect Christoph Achterkamp gave a tour of the historic gem.

Craftsmen are currently still working in many of the rooms. The final spurt, so to speak, after almost two years of restoration and repair work. In many places, you can already see how the almost 700-year-old building, which is built on part of the town wall, looks in different eras.

Whether it’s the construction method with birch stave walls, the sandstone tiles in the former living room, the original hand-painted Delft tiles, which only served as a mop edge in the “parlor”, or the original old windows from 1850. Tonigs was grateful to be able to experience the history of the house up close. He was particularly interested in the HAR’s plans to use part of the building for a researcher or town clerk.

The so-called “brick staircase” – the only example still preserved in a wall house in Germany – also caused many a smile, especially as the goats were practically driven through the apartment to graze on the land in front of the city wall.

Peter Rohlmann also pointed out the modern technology used to illustrate historical contexts to visitors. There will be QR codes at various points in the building. Once scanned, the many interesting details will be explained to visitors on their smartphones. As the building can only be visited in small groups due to its small size, these QR codes will also be available on images of the building on the website.

The reopening of the restored building is planned for late summer. NRW Building Minister Ina Scharrenbach has already confirmed her attendance. The board will provide members with initial details at the general meeting on April 26.AntwortenWeiterleiten