The municipality of Borne is going Green!

In November, the campaign ‘Borne goes for Green’ will be launched. Many households in the Netherlands are facing higher gas and electricity prices. Stichting Duurzame Initiatieven Borne (DiBo) is helping the municipality of Borne residents gain insight into savings opportunities on gas and electricity. They encourage Born households to make their homes more sustainable. They do this through a free home scan. Following the home scan, residents can choose to participate in a no-obligation collective purchasing campaign. Stichting DiBo has asked the company Duurzaam Save Plan to implement their plan.

The campaign will be implemented in four neighborhoods. In November the campaign will start with the neighborhoods Letterveld and Kerkedennen. Early next year the neighborhood ‘t Oldhof will follow and the campaign will end in the neighborhood Wensink-Zuid. The four neighborhoods were selected based on the older housing types in these neighborhoods. These homes benefit from good home insulation.

Sustainable Saving Plan helps the DiBo foundation and the municipality Borne as an independent intermediary and advises homeowners on floor, cavity, roof insulation, insulating glass, plastic window frames and solar panels. Neighborhood residents can schedule a free house scan to gain insight into which sustainability measures are technically possible, the amount of investment required and the potential savings.

The campaign is financed by the province of Overijssel. The campaign aims to reach a total of 2,500 households for a collective purchasing action.

Residents of the Letterveld and Kerkedennen neighborhoods will be the first to receive an invitation from the municipality in November Borne. This contains all the information about the campaign and how to immediately schedule a free home scan.