STILL WITHOUT A BEARD – Rare monkey offspring at the NaturZoo

It doesn’t always have to be spring: NaturZoo Rheine is delighted about the birth of a bearded monkey, who was born on October 24. Not much of the little girl’s namesake gray beard is visible yet. However, it will develop over the course of the first few months of life, in both males and females.

Bearded monkeys or Wanderus are listed as highly endangered on the Red List: In particular, habitat destruction – deforestation of the mountain forests in western India – has led to the decline in population numbers to only around 2,500 animals.

There is therefore a conservation breeding program (EEP) for bearded monkeys, which coordinates a “safety stock” of this species in zoos.

The offspring are also necessary for the social balance in the monkey group. Young animals bring “life to the place” and are also “peacemakers” between the adults, who are all concerned about protecting the youngest member of the group, which can now be observed in the NaturZoo monkey house.

Photos: Jörg Everding

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