Start of the new season Children’s matinee

Foto (©Metronom): Am 25.09. startet die Kindermatinee in eine neue Spielzeit.

Rheine. Next Sunday the children’s matinee starts into a new season! On 25.09. the cultural service may welcome its small and large guests again in the town hall.

For elementary school children (seven to ten years), the Metronom Theater performs the play “Ebbe”.

Ebbe comes from a small village somewhere on the North Sea. But the other villagers don’t like her. She is different. Loud, cheerful and dirty. She is a stranger to the rest. As is often the case, she is found alone on a jetty facing the sea, looking out over the day. But between the sound of the waves, a soft voice mingles: “Ouch, damn it! Help!”. What’s that, Ebbe wonders, before spotting a red flower on the white beach. The wondrous talking flower has been swept away from its home by the storm. The two become friends. But one day, the flower gets homesick.

Tickets for this performance can be reserved by telephone at the Kulturservice Stadt Rheine until 12 noon on Friday at 05971 939-352 and picked up on the day of the performance with the corresponding invoice at the ticket counter in the Stadthalle.

The one-way tickets are available at a price of 5 euros or with the family pass for 3.75 euros.

The city Rheine wishes the small and large spectators a lot of fun.

Photo (©Metronom): On 25.09. the children’s matinee starts into a new season.