A bunch of trouble

Fines for inconsiderate dog owners

Rheine. Everyone knows it, everyone is annoyed by it: the kick in the dog poop. Whether in parks, in the middle of the sidewalk or even on playgrounds: The Tretminen provide many people with heaps of trouble. The excrement stinks, soils the shoes and makes bad mood. For people with disabilities, the problem is more serious: “My visually impaired daughter lives independently and likes to go for walks. She constantly steps in dog poop and has to get help to clean her shoes every time. This annoys us,” a citizen describes her daughter’s situation. Even for people who are in wheelchairs or use walkers or strollers, the dog excrement on the tires is a real mess that can’t just be cleaned up with a bit of grass or a handkerchief. In addition to the dirt and nasty smell, dog feces can also become a health hazard if it contains viruses, parasites or other pathogens. This is an absolute no-go, especially on playgrounds, as children like to touch everything and put their hands in their mouths. Apart from that, it has recently been expressly forbidden to bring dogs onto playgrounds. The only exceptions are guide dogs and assistance dogs.

Generally, dog owners are required to dispose of their animals’ poop. Who is caught however thereby, how he leaves the excrement of his quadruped, threatens in Rheine a fine starting from 50 euro. The city provides remedy, by the technical enterprises Rheine (TBR) in the public parks such as in the salina park, Walshagenpark or city park dog excrement bag dispensers to set up and equip. For further dispensers in the city area either the city district advisory boards or volunteers take care. “This is a service of the city, from which we hope that the citizens will also deal responsibly with their dogs and their droppings,” emphasizes Jens Hassink, who is responsible for dog ownership at the public order office. Important: The full excrement bags should end up in the trash cans – and not in the next bush or hanging as “decoration” on a branch or fence.

The pet boom since the start of the Corona pandemic is also making itself felt in Rheine. For example, a total of 5790 dogs were registered in Rheine in 2021 – a good 180 more than in 2019. More dogs also make more mess. That in itself is not a problem if everyone follows the rules. To more drastic measures such as the Petz premium or a DNA test of the dog excrement, which is currently being discussed elsewhere, the city Rheine does not want to reach. “We hope here on the common sense of the dog owners. In addition: the majority is aware of its duty. It is a pity if the few bring the entire reputation of dog owners into disrepute by their misconduct,” adds Hassink.