Active Living” Program distinguished with renewal of quality seal

The good practices of the municipality of Leiria in terms of its physical activity and health programs were once again recognized by the network of Municipalities Friends of Sport, which awarded the seal of quality to the “Active Living” Program, highlighting the work that Leiria has been developing in the area of physical activity for seniors.

Thus, and in the scope of the application submitted by the Municipality of Leiria, the “Viver Activo” Program has just seen its quality certification renewed for programs of physical activity for the senior public, a factor that demonstratesrecognition of the attributes of this program, its plan to update and improve, as well as the results it has been achieving, constituting another example of good practice of the Municipality at the level of active and healthy aging activities.

“Active Living

Specifically directed to the senior population residing in the Municipality of Leiria, the “Active Living” program aims to encourage those over 55 to practice regular sports and to promote physical and mental well-being.The activities are prepared and guided by sports professionals and certified technicians, aiming to stimulate the different physical and motor skills, as well as create routines and a form of socialization among the senior community of the Municipality of Leiria.The program, which has more than a thousand regular participants, promotes a diverse set of activities, including dance, gymnastics, exercise room, swimming, water aerobics, pilates and hiking.