Joseph and Mary – play by Peter Turrini

- Stadthalle

To mark the successful conclusion of Christmas business, the management of a large department store presents the employees with a bottle of “quality brandy” as a token of appreciation. Foreign and non-permanent employees are excluded – such as the cleaning lady Maria, whose work only begins after the other employees have left the department store, and the night watchman Joseph. Shortly before Christmas Eve, they start talking in the empty department store, telling each other the stages of their lives, their wishes and dreams, hopes dashed and kept, political and private troubles.


Every year again… Reading with Usch Hollmann

- Stadtbibliothek

Rheine. There are Christmas stories that you want to read again and again every year. “Eine glückselige WEINnacht” by Usch Hollmann is one of these perennial favorites. The pleasure is even greater when the author herself reads the story from her book “Silent Night Light” in her varied voice. This experience offers the city library Rheine to an interested public on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the pre-Christmas decorated city library.