Donations for orphans and social orphans in Tajikistan

Throughout Germany, full-time and volunteer Caritas employees transform public places into shining seas of light. They set an example of hope and solidarity for people in need here and around the world. This year, Caritas Germany called for donations for orphans and social orphans in Tajikistan.

“In focus: Together for orphans and social orphans in Tajikistan”, said Caritas Managing Director Dieter Fühner in his welcoming address on the market square.

Thousands of children and young people are growing up as orphans or social orphans in state homes in Tajikistan. In the autocratically ruled country, the adolescents mainly learn discipline there. “But the state homes hardly prepare them for an independent life. After leaving school and reaching the age of majority, the young people are suddenly left to fend for themselves. They lack important experiences that adolescents naturally gain in a family environment: How do I earn a living? How do I run a household with cooking, cleaning and washing? What responsibilities do I have as a mother or father? How do I manage with my income?” These are questions that are vital for survival in Tajikistan, where the average wage is 150 euros per month. As a result, many former orphans slip into homelessness, crime or prostitution.

According to Fühner, part of the proceeds from the candle sales will also be used to support projects for the disabled directly in Rheine.

In reality, of course, the candles were not lit quite so quickly.