Boat builder and salt boilers

In den Osterferien wird ein Ferienprogramm in der Salzwerkstatt angeboten. Foto: Städtische Museen Rheine. Karin Brockmann

Where to go during the Easter vacations? Children aged 7 to 10 who want to experience how salt was made in the past are welcome to join the vacation program in the salt workshop. Here you can boil salt yourself in small pans, but also marvel at the large salt boiling pans of the past. Many questions are answered on a discovery tour through the salt boiling house and on the salt works site, for example: How deep underground can the brine from which the salt was boiled be found in Bentlage? And how was the salt transported? Why were boats so important in the past? An exciting morning awaits the young salt boilers, who will also become boat builders. This vacation program of the municipal museums Rheine is offered on Wednesday, 27 March and Thursday, 4 April from 10 am to 12.30 pm. Participation costs €3 per child and registration is required by calling 05971 939 711.