STADTRADELN cycling campaign successfully completed again

Rheine. The beaming faces of the responsible organizers from the city of Rheine indicate that this year’s CITY CYCLING campaign was once again a success. After the sunny start of the campaign on May 29 at the Europawiese at the barbecue in the city park, 3,524 active cyclists from 210 teams cycled together to a dream result of 703,171 kilometers, placing them just ahead of the cyclists from Bocholt, who also achieved a top result with 691,931 kilometers.

Mayor Dr. Peter Lüttmann was delighted with the commitment of the cycling enthusiasts in the city of Rheine: “The great result with over 3,500 active people shows that Rheine is a cycling city and that we are working at all levels to create good framework conditions, comfortable and safe cycle paths and a dense tourist cycling network that allows us to cover as many routes as possible within our city by bike.”

Thomas Roling, product manager from the city’s mobility and transport planning department, supports the mayor’s statement and adds that this year’s campaign focuses in particular on everyday journeys by bike. “CITY CYCLING can support us in our transport planning and provide valuable assistance. Over 55,000 journeys clearly show us which routes cyclists prefer to take in Rheine or where there are gaps in the cycle path network.”

For the active support of cyclists in the CITY CYCLING campaign, high-quality prizes are now being raffled off among all active participants. Mobility Manager Michael Wolters says: “We have started the campaign this year with a European approach and will award the winners during the European Mobility Week in September on Monday, 16.09.2024 as part of a small ceremony.”