Trees fall before demolition

A poster in the shop window reminds us of better times.

Rheine. “In preparation for the reconstruction work on the town hall centre, the felling of three plane trees, which today stand directly in front of the façade of the Hertie building (Staelscher Hof), has been applied for and approved.” The city administration announced that. “The trees have been classified as protected trees according to the current tree protection statutes due to their trunk circumferences of between 81 and 112 cm. Since the surrounding inner-city areas are very limited and sufficient space must be guaranteed for the access of the residents, the access possibilities of the fire brigade as well as the construction site equipment of two future construction sites (city hotel/city hall centre) in this area, the felling is necessary. If the trees were to be preserved, it would only be possible to implement the construction project for the town hall centre with considerable restrictions and at great economic expense. Therefore, the felling permit was officially granted.”

The work is scheduled for Thursday, 20 January 2022.

The preservation or relocation of the three protected trees was intensively examined in advance. As a result, various experts assessed the proposed relocation of the trees as difficult and with little chance of success, and therefore advised against it. The exceptional permission to fell the trees was granted on condition that equivalent replacement plantings were made. According to the updated tree protection statutes of 2021, six deciduous trees of the same or equivalent species will be planted and permanently maintained for the three trees to be felled.

In the course of the redesign of Staelscher Hof, it is therefore currently being investigated whether all six replacement plantings can be accommodated in the area of Staelscher Hof or whether a separate area within the urban space must be sought for the three additional trees. The further procedure will be agreed with those responsible for the Environment, Climate Protection and Green Planning Department. The scheduling of the replacement plantings will also be coordinated in this process. If all six trees can be replanted in Stael’s courtyard, planting would be possible from 2026. If the plantings are divided, the tree planting could be brought forward to a possible alternative area.