Art comes alive – opening of the balcony at Falkenhof

„Salty Clouds“ am Treppenturm des Falkenhofes. Foto: Städtische Museen Rheine

It is a connection of earth and sky: The artists David Mannstein and Maria Vill have realized the photo collage “Salty Clouds” at the stair tower of the Falkenhof Museum. What looks like a cloud at first glance turns out to be a structure of salt crystals upon closer inspection. The picture plays with the lightness of the clouds, which appear to be suspended from gravity, and the heaviness of the salt, which has to be brought up from the depths of the earth with great effort.

On Sunday, September 24 from 4 – 6 p.m., the balcony at the stair tower of the Falkenhof will be opened for the first time. Visitors can step out, position themselves in the middle of the “cloud” of salt crystals and also have their picture taken by a professional photographer. In this way, the art comes alive and is staged anew again and again. Admission is free. “Salty Clouds” is one of the artworks by M. Vill and D. Mannstein, which can be seen under the title “Paste Up History” until October 15 at castles and palaces in seven locations in the Münsterland region.

Already at 15 o’clock begins on the same day a public guidance by the new special exhibition “salt. Stories of the white gold from Rheine” with exhibition curator Christiane Kerrutt (cost 5 €). Information: 05971 – 939 712.