A beautiful “pacifier bush

Schnuller an Schnuller hängen an diesem Strauch in der Nähe des Affenwaldes.

No one knows the name of the baby who lost his pacifier in the middle of last year. Did the teat accidentally fall out of the stroller, did the little one throw it out of the vehicle in a fit of anger? No one knows.

Also unknown is the person who found this pacifier lying on the ground near the monkey forest at Rheiner Nature Zoo. Was she hoping that the baby and parents were looking for it and wanted to make it easier for them to find it? In any case, the finder was resourceful and attached the pacifier to a shrub near where it was found….

Nobody knows which couple in love was the first to attach a padlock to a bridge railing as a sign of their firm bond. What is certain, however, is that these proofs of love were followed by thousands of others. A momentum of its own had been set in motion.

It was similar in the natural zoo. The pacifier did not stay alone for long. Visitors who found such pacifiers on the paths, but above all the zoo staff who came across others during their clean-up campaigns, hung the little found objects in this very bush. Thus, over the months, a colorful, beautiful pacifier shrub was created, botanically it could be called “frutex schnullensea”.

The zoo staff could then observe another development: Babies don’t like to part with their little pacifier. In many cities, there are so-called pacifier trees in public places, on which children hang their pacifiers to say goodbye. This is probably also happening more and more frequently, so that our little tree became a pacifier weaning found pacifier bush over time and can now also be admired decorated with small cuddly toys or drinking bottles.

Completely speculative is however the assumption that the inhabitants of the nearby stork plant snatch themselves from time to time one of these Schnuller with the beak, in order to let it fall then with the flight over Rheine into a chimney on that in this house soon new generation sets up. But that would be a completely different story…

In the meantime, many storks have returned from their winter quarters to Rheine. Whether there could be a connection between master Adebar and the pacifiers, might be pure speculation.