6,800 households are surveyed

A census will take place again in the new year. The Bernburg (Saale) census office is responsible for surveying 6,800 households in Alsleben, Bernburg, Ilberstedt, Könnern, Nienburg and Plötzkau, the city of Bernburg has announced. The surveys will take place from 16 May to the end of July 2022.

The survey procedure is register-based, so only about ten per cent of the population must be interviewed in the form of so-called household samples. However, this does not apply to hostels and shared accommodation, where a full survey will take place due to the high fluctuation, whereby in shared accommodation (e.g. correctional institution) the facility management is obliged to provide information on behalf of the residents.

In addition, a building and housing census is carried out by the Saxony-Anhalt State Statistical Office, in which owners or managers of flats and residential buildings are surveyed online.

The data collected from the supplementary household samples are used to determine official population figures, which are important for financial equalisation or also the division of electoral districts; but they are also used as a basis for political decisions in the municipalities (e.g. more schools or homes for the elderly are needed).

In addition to the data for the registers, some of the respondents are asked to provide socio-demographic data (possibly online) which is not available in the registers; this includes, for example, information on education and occupation.

The surveys will take place from 16 May to the end of July 2022.

For the survey, a so-called survey officer/ interviewer will register with the household by means of an announcement card, including the date.

Appointments can be rescheduled if necessary (interviewer leaves phone number).

The survey officer is required to keep the contact as short as possible, to keep the appropriate minimum distance as well as the hygiene rules and to identify himself/herself without being asked. The survey officers are trained by the survey agency and obliged to maintain confidentiality. The completed survey documents are recorded at the survey office and then forwarded electronically to the Federal Statistical Office. There, the personal data is deleted as soon as possible and analysed anonymously.