4,000 euros: Dentists donate proceeds from dental gold to Kremer House

Foto (Stadtpressestelle): Freuen sich über die großzügige Spende v.l.n.r.: Jörg Jäger, Anna Kaleschke, Dr. Peter Weichel, Daniel Pohlmeyer M. Sc., Dr. Hendrik von Weyrother, Henrik Mersch.

Rheine. In August, the dental grassroots group Rheine presented a symbolic check in the amount of € 4,000 to those responsible at Kremer House. One hundred percent of the donation will benefit the homeless people who seek help at Kremer House. The municipal social institution offers the mostly completely destitute people a place to sleep and educational support. “At Kremer House, they are helped out with the most important things: Food, hygiene products and appropriate clothing are the most common things needed. Homeless people also lack identification papers. The costly procurement can be financed directly and unbureaucratically with the donation,” explains Jörg Jäger, product manager for social facilities at the city of Rheine.

During the dentists’ visit, Jörg Jäger, Henrik Mersch (deputy head of department) and Anna Kaleschke (social pedagogue) expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the social commitment. “With the donation received, the necessary basic care for destitute people can be ensured. A big thank you goes to all the patients who made this possible,” Jörg Jäger was pleased to say. In addition, they discussed the dentists Dr. Weichel, Dr. von Weyrother and Mr. Pohlmeyer, M. Sc., the current situation in the homeless assistance as well as the efforts of the city Rheine, the homelessness of each individual as far as possible to avert or to meet this danger preventively with the newly established specialist office for housing security. Above all, there is the immensely difficult situation on the housing market to find an adequate apartment. For the clients of the Kremer House, the search for housing is even more difficult than for large parts of the population due to illness, debt and lack of self-expression.