D66 wants interpellation debate on finances

D66 party leader Ernst Janssen immediately requested an interpellation debate after RTV Oost announced today that Borne is at the bottom of the list of all municipalities with regard to its financial position. Borne receives the mark of three from BDO Accountants & Advisors in its Benchmark for the year 2020.

“The reason for requesting an interpellation debate lies in the fact that, as we have stated before and repeatedly and as recent research by BDO accountants has again shown, the financial position of Borne was and is very worryingly bad, to such an extent that a debate is now needed on the question of how to really put things in order,” Janssen said.

The VVD also immediately took up its pen. Leo Graafhuis: “This report figure is completely at odds with the image that the board would have us believe. Even though the benchmark relates to 2020, please give us your written response to this benchmark and what you expect the outcome to be in 2021.


For years, Borne’s financial results have been alarming, resulting in major cutbacks and increases in property taxes. In the first half of last year, a turnaround is said to have occurred, mainly due to more funds from the national government, which meant that large investments such as ‘t Wooldrik and the House of Borne could go ahead after all. But doubts about the rosy explanation remain. (AJ)

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